Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maiko & Geisha

Meika & Geisha, originally uploaded by Erin L.

"Gion Corner, Kyoto, where the Maiko and Geisha emerge around 6PM every night. I was told to thank them with "Okini Deshue" when they stopped to allow them to be photographed.. upon which most of them smiled, half-bowed, and walked on.

Thanks for additional information kindly provided by Shigatsuhana:
The lady above was a Maiko. She just recently turned her collar and is now a Geisha or Geiko as she would be called in Kyoto. Her name is Kikutsuru. She is from the Hanamachi (flower town) Miyagawa-cho. Kyoto has 5 geisha districts. These are called Hanamachi. Maiko are geisha apprentices.

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