Sunday, December 24, 2006

Japanese Traditional Hina Doll of Tempo Era 8 (1837)

"We celebrate the Girls' (Dolls') Festival on March 3rd.

For Japanese people, traditionally, dolls are substitutes for us.
People pray especially for children's healthy and happy life through dolls.
For boys, we display strong boy dolls like Samura and celebrate on May 5th.

This Hina Dolls is special for girls and which is very old - made in Tempo Era 8 (1837) and really gorgeous.
The owner is the descendant of Funatsu Ranzan; an official drawing artinst in Edo Era.

You can visit his museum in Kawagoe.
Ranzan Memorial Art Gallery

This Ichimatsu Doll created by Kayuli Hiina also has the similar meaning historically and mentally."

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